The Social Finance Fund aims to accelerate the growth of the social finance market across Canada. Designed with equity and inclusion in mind, it seeks to invest in social finance investors that, in turn, invest in Social Purpose Organizations whose activities have positive social, cultural and environmental impacts in Canada.

How it works

The capital flows from the Managers of the Social Finance Fund to social finance investors, through to social purpose organizations whose social impacts benefit communities across Canada.

Managers of the Social Finance Fund

The Social Finance Fund is administered by three fund managers. For more information and to track their deployment of investments, please visit each of the fund manager’s websites:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for investment?

Generally, the Social Finance Fund seeks to invest repayable capital in Social Finance Investors that are contributing to a positive social, cultural or environmental impact. Each fund manager may have additional eligibility requirements. Please refer to the individual fund manager websites for further guidance.

What is a Social Finance Investor?

A Social Finance Investor pools investment capital from individuals, foundations, and other institutions, and in turn, invests in Social Purpose Organizations. There are many forms of social finance investors including, but not limited to: limited & general partnerships, trusts, investment co-operatives, etc.

What kind of investment does the Social Finance Fund offer?

Repayable investment in the form of debt, equity, and other financial instruments will be available. Refer to each fund manager for specific details on the types of capital available.

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